May 2013 Update

Celebrating Easter in Uganda is certainly different. There were no chocolate Easter Eggs, or Bunnies. There were no Hot Cross Buns!  No Easter egg hunts! No junk mail catalogues offering all sorts of 'discounts' for Easter. There is an absence of the commercialism we have become accustomed to in the developed world. Although our international volunteers missed the excess of chocolate there was quiet appreciation of the importance of Easter in the Christian calendar. The past few months have been great.  Here are some of the good stories your partnership enables us to continue to do.

Saving Babies lives

Elijah, (pictured above) the newest addition to our Nutrition Program here in Kampala. At 6 months old he weighs just 4.6kg.

We have started him on a ready to use therapeutic food program and are seeing promising results already. In his first couple of days he put on 800 grams and our team in Uganda were all smiles.

Our Nutritional program literally saves babies lives. Our medical team are able to identify and intervene in providing life saving subsistence to malnourished babies.

Woohoo !! New Clothes and School Desks

We recently delivered over 50 sets of new clothes to the children in our new project area in Abim in North Eastern Uganda. Many of the children in this impoverished area wear nothing but rags, these 50 kids were all smiles as we delivered new clothes.

Combined with all the new sets of clothes for these orphaned and vulnerable children we have also been able to provide a bunch of school desks thanks to your support.

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Bless ya heaps,

Russ, Jen and all the team from Uganda.